Final Project Reflection

By: Isabel Freedman

Throughout the course of COM220, I gained knowledge in several useful areas. I felt that the most beneficial aspect to COM220 was the fact that the course was able to cover a variety of topics in such a short amount of time. I now feel comfortable enough to use Adobe workshops such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere. I also gained editing skills within video, audio and photography.

I think that introductory courses such as COM220 are vitally important, because they provide the necessary knowledge that will benefit students and open doors for opportunity. Even though I am not advanced in any of the subjects above, I feel that I have learned the appropriate amount of knowledge in each topic. One of the aspects I enjoyed the most about the course was the fact that we did not go into great depth on only one subject.

I also thought that the sustainability theme was a nice aspect of the course, because it encouraged students to focus on a topic that they main not have chosen otherwise. Of course, we used creativity in all of our projects, but it was nice to have a central theme incorporated throughout the course.

All of the skills that we learned throughout the semester can be applied to a variety of jobs, and it is important to have experience with them, even for non-design majors. The vast amount of vocabulary that we learned this semester will benefit our knowledge of design. By learning the basic skills of Photoshop, I am now able to manipulate photographs, create posters and web pages. I also feel confident in Illustrator, and I am now comfortable creating logos within this workshop. I am very satisfied with the projects that I created throughout the semester, and they will all benefit my portfolio.

Not only do I have solid additions to my portfolio, but I learned how to create an online website and portfolio through this course.

Overall, COM220 was an enjoyable course that did not have one defining useful aspect, but many. This course will benefit all Communication majors, regardless if they intend to go into the field of design or not.

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Home Page

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