The Do’s and Don’ts of Web Design

By: Isabel Freedman

An effective web page should have a killer design that conveys the intended message to the viewer. If you are designing a web page for your new company, here are some Do’s and Don’ts to keep in mind during the process.

DON’T: Overdo it with words

There is nothing worse than opening web page to see long paragraphs of text. The viewer will most likely not read the content of text, or they may leave the web page altogether. A whirlwind of text is overwhelming and can be confusing, two things that people do not have time for. If you want to put informative information on the webpage, do not overload it all to the homepage.

Text, Webpage, Design, Do, Don't

This webpage has too much text, and it is very difficult to read

DO: Keep it simple and break it up

If you are including a significant amount of information on the website, break the paragraph up so that it is easily readable. Include graphics or other design elements so that the viewer is not just reading plain text. Depending on the content, visuals may help explain in a fast and efficient way.

DON’T: Only use images

If your entire webpage only consists of images, it could be unclear of what the website is actually about, or it may send out a message that the designer was too lazy to actually write anything.

Text, Image, Web, Design, Page

This webpage has too many images, and not enough text

DO: Use images in moderation

It is important to have some visuals included in throughout the webpage. In order to have an effective webpage, there should probably be visual elements to assure the viewer of what they are looking at. Use images sparingly, and only when appropriate. If the text only briefly mentions something, do not provide a visual for this. Only provide visual images when they are important.

DON’T: Have 6 different fonts in 20 different sizes

It is important to play up your fonts and sizes, but not by too much. If the webpage has script, modern, sans, sans-serif and decorative fonts, this will not only visually confuse the viewer, but it will confuse them on the content as well. If a chic and modern website has five different fonts going on, this may send out the wrong message to the viewer.

DO: Use the right fonts and sizes

Play up your fonts and sizes, and make sure to use an appropriate variety of fonts and different sizes. If the whole page consists of one font, and one size, the page will be less legible and not as attention grabbing. Think of a webpage as a blank canvas, you want to great depth in your design. Be mindful to only switch it up when necessary, for example in headlines, titles or significant information that is intended to stand out from the rest.

DON’T: Have 20 different colors

Colors can be extremely overwhelming, and they can completely destroy a webpage if there are too many competing with one another. If there are too many color schemes going on, they will distract the viewer from actually reading the webpage. It is important to keep colors along the same color scheme, so that one color doesn’t look out of place.

DO: Choose the right color scheme

If you are designing a webpage for a wedding dress company, your color palette should be light neutral colors. If the color scheme consisted of bright reds, oranges and browns, the bride to be may rethink her designer.

These are just a few of the basic DO’s and DON’T of web design, and there are much more than can be learned about the design aspects of a web page. For more information on design, check out my other blog posts on WordPress!


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