3 Essential Documents for Freelance Work

By: Isabel Freedman

In order to become a successful freelancer, you should be informed of three essential documents, the job proposal, the proof approval form and the invoice of services. These three forms of documentation will protect the designer from possible lawsuits or future legal trouble.

  1. Job Proposal

In order to have successful freelance work, there has to be an initial job proposal to work from. A job proposal entails a meeting between the designer and client, design concepts, research, layout, sketching and at least one round of revision. The projects must be described in detail, and include important information regarding the creation and scope of the design. It is essential that the client and designer agree upon a budget for the design. This proposal protects both the client and the designer from future lawsuits because it provides specific terms and conditions that were agreed upon. For example, if the job proposal clearly states that there will be an additional fee for fine artwork, the client must pay for the additional charges if they are needed. Overall, the job proposal is the foundation for freelance work, and it is the initial form of agreement between the client and designer.

  1. Proof Approval Form

The proof approval form is a written form of approval between you and the client. This form is important because it verifies authorization and acceptance of a project, after an in depth review. The proof approval form proves that the client has looked over overall the project aspects: design, color, spelling, layout and the designers contact information. If the client wishes to change any of these aspects, they must request a new proof from the designer. If there are changes that need to be made before the final product is produced, the proof approval form acknowledges this. This form is an essential component of communication between the client and designer.

  1. Invoice of Services

The invoice of services is a documentation of transaction between the company and client. The invoice records the evidence of sales, and protects both the client and consumer from future lawsuits. This document is proof that business transaction occurred, and without this form, there is no evidence that the sale happened. This agreement protects property rights and payment. If a company does not provide a viable form of payment to the designer (within 30 days), the invoice of services would be a legitimate document to bring to a lawyer for a possible lawsuit.


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